by Andrea on 13 April, 2014

Spring has finally arrived in these parts. Though, living in New England all my life, I know to keep the shovel by the back door a little while longer. Just saying…

Still, it’s nice to see the daffodil tips breaking through the ground, feel the sun on my face, and hear the birds as excited as I am to have winter over. Even the air has changed, carrying a whiff or two of moist earth and a smell I can only call green.

My knitting reflects the new season, as well…


Happy Spring!




by Andrea on 13 March, 2014

With wind chills below zero, this is what brings me warmth and reminds me that Spring will be here soon…



And Time to Spare…

February 10, 2014

I’ve been working on this sweater since I don’t know when. I began it long ago and let it hibernate. Then this year decided I want to wear this, this winter, so pushed on ahead and from the end of November until now worked on this a little every day. I finished it last night. […]

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January 3, 2014

I do this every year. In the summer, when it’s sweltering, I swear I’ll never complain about winter weather again; and in the winter, when it’s so cold I can’t feel my fingers, I swear I’ll never complain about summer’s heat. Today is one of those days. On this fine third day of the year […]

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