Before You Know It…

by Andrea on 17 August, 2014

Autumn is around the corner. The leaves here in Connecticut have become a dull, faded green with slips of yellow and orange here and there trying to burst. It’s still too early, but fall is coming. The nights are cool. The Sharon of Roses bloomed early. And squirrels are whizzing around with nuts to hide for winter. So what does autumn mean? Knitting, for one.

Design: Oregon Cowl by Alice Starmore

Design: Oregon Cowl by Alice Starmore

This wool cowl should be good and warm come December, don’t you think?

On July 21st, someone traveling through Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City lost a sock. A hand knit sock. And one person—a knitter—found it.

Now this may seem like a yawn of a story to non-knitters, but knowing the significance of hand knit socks, this traveller took it to security and then  to Lost and Found. She also posted on Ravelry, an online knitting community over  four million strong. It quickly found its way to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog, Yarn Harlot. Go look. I’ll wait.

This story has also found its way to virtually every social media site, from the US to Canada to Europe. Someone even posted on Ellen DeGeneres’s website with a link to Yarn Harlot’s blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sent it to the AP. Knitters are very determined people.

Why? Because we understand the power of knitting. The power of turning yarn into sweaters and socks, into blankets for wee babies, into mittens to warm the hands we can’t be there to hold. And of showing those we knit for that they are loved; they are important enough for us to take many, many hours of our lives to make sure they are warm and comfortable and not alone. Lots of people nurture in lots of ways. This is how knitters nurture.

Hopefully, the owner will get their sock back. If not, I bet there are 4,000,000 knitters out there who will be happy to knit them another pair.





May 2, 2014

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April 13, 2014

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